The aboutChange website and associate web elements (blog, surveys, discussions, knowledge bank) are intended to serve our customers; organizational / community leaders and all participants in analyzing, initiating, developing and managing sustained organizational-wide change. In the course of providing this online collaborative service, information is collected and exchanged between the aboutChange servers and users, such as you, and/or your organization/community and your personal browsers and your organization’s servers.  In no instance is personal information provided to any third party by aboutChange.

Participation in the surveys and discussions is entirely anonymous. aboutChange does not sell or profit from the exchange of personal information.  The information shared in the Knowledge Bank and other online discussions is the property of the author and not aboutChange.  However, aboutChange has the right to use and share this information as meta data helping leaders make better decisions.  All survey participants have access to running queries and doing the same, sharing information and data with other knowledge workers.  Enjoy!