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“The mood, spirit, and culture of our organization is everyone’s responsibility; co-creating healthy, thriving community in the workplace inspires innovation and competitive advantage. This is the spirit of collaboration.”

The Spirit of Collaboration challenges organizational leaders to learn from a richer and deeper spiritual experience—not locked into a limited set of contemporary humanistic assumptions. Participants begin the journey by understanding self in relation to others and God, building a foundation for self-discovery, grounding oneself as a lifelong learner–leading transformation from the inside-out, restoring a place for values in a world of fact.


“John’s passion and expertise allow him to develop corporate environments which empower individuals and which foster meaningful and fulfilling contributions by everyone in the organization. He is passionate about helping organizations provide sustainable growth and is able to help architect environmental changes which last. John is one of the most caring and focused professionals I have had the pleasure of associating with.”
–David Whitney, MBA Project Analyst (MTEQ)

Northrop Grumman

“The situation was a real eye opener. aboutChange facilitated collaborative coaching to our team that saved us from ourselves. Most so-called business consultancies assume people already possess significant technical knowledge and the technology leads the change, not the people. Few people in the organization really want to use the technology. They’re just too busy. Truth is, at the end of the day people make decisions, not technology.  The Collaborative Coaching Suite that John developed for our company really worked.”
–Molly Ross, CEO Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility A Non-Profit Organization

Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility

“I feel deeply honored to endorse John. Working side by side with him is a delight, always an opportunity to learn something important and useful. He is a remarkable principle centered person and a brilliant, professional. I am indebted to him for having illuminated my path through the collaborative leadership realm. John is powerful when it comes to analytical thinking and change management. I have been a witness to his skillful facilitation of team work. Finally, there is a word in the Spanish language that captures the way he projects himself: “Don de Gentes”, signifying somebody that is educated, noble and personable.”
–Arturo J. Bencosme, PhD, Strategic Planning & Alignment
Organizational Development & Management Consulting

Ciudad Mante Tamaulipas Mexico (Boulder, CO sister city project)

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