Change challenges what we know and how we learn. The Spirit of Collaboration is an action learning process developed to help organizational leaders identify areas where change would be of benefit. To initiate, manage, measure and lead organizational and community-wide change leaders need to acquire the skills necessary for building emotionally and spiritually healthy communities. The journey begins from within. What emerges is joint journey of exploration through Action Learning.

Individuals may also seek Coaching to help them identify areas where individual change would be healthy and to seek opportunities for accelerating learning. The Spirit of Collaboration begins with understanding one’s perceptions, myths and realities–questions, answers and assumptions: Our perception of reality is influenced by the assumptions we make and the questions we ask–this frames our reality and, in turn, affects the quality of the decisions we make as well as, interactions wither others. And it is our decisions that shape our actions. The Spirit of Collaboration helps participants better understand how one filters information and frames problems–looking at critical issues from many different perspectives. The end result is an increase in productivity and effectiveness, individually and collectively.

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