The Spirit of Collaboration offers a unique opportunity for self-assessment, providing participants who are committed to personal and professional development, the tools and skill sets necessary to succeed and excel, even in times of extreme uncertainty. Participants will gain access to automated evaluation tools that are easy to use and designed to accelerate learning and enhance personal and professional growth.

The Spirit of Collaboration Coaching Suite Assessments include:

1. The Organizational Roles Inventory™ – A multi-factorial sorter, similar to the MBTI, that helps participants understand self in relation with other team members, that is, how individuals and groups filter information, frame situations, ask questions and make decisions. It provides feedback about personal attitudes, strengths and opportunities.

2. The Vision, Mission, Values & Goals Survey™ – This survey helps participants identify values associated with worldview and get clear on three foundational issues: 1.) Individual and group values, mission and vision. 2.) this survey focuses on individual and collective goals (goal setting theory). 3.) Identifying critical issues; what needs to change and what doesn’t.

3.The Personality Profile™ – The Enneagram helps provide you with insight into how other people see the world differently from you, an essential first step in building better intrapersonal and interpersonal communications enhancing informal and  professional relationships.

4. Integral Leadership Survey™ – Focuses on both deep-level and surface-level diversity critical areas for development illuminating strategies and weaknesses, transparency; authentic, honest and open (AHO) communication and provide strategic direction for identifying and initiating “Action Opportunities.”

5. The Anger Inventory™ – This quick-poll survey helps determine the extent to which emotions influence decisions as well as, identifying both external and internal dynamics that impact emotions, moods, and attitude.

6. The Anxiety Survey™ – This survey helps you understand your anxiety level and how it compares to those around you.

7. The Stress Assessment™ – This survey helps participants identify the sources of your stress (internal or external) and outline strategies for reducing stress.

The true learning-spirit of Collaborative Coaching is in cultivating “the strength to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Being true to who we are starts with thinking, talking, and walking your values.

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