We believe that the true sprit of collaborative coaching is a lifelong transformational journey and not an event.  There is no guru to follow and it is never a cookie-cutter, one size fits all process. The aboutChange Collaborative Coaching Model is a blended action-learning experience taking place in real-time and asynchronously, virtually online, designed to accelerate breakthrough learning on three broad levels; individual, work group and organization/community-wide.
“The mood, spirit, and culture of our organizations is everyone’s responsibility; this is the essence of collaborative coaching and values-based leadership.”

Development by nature is an action-learning processes involving an endless feedback-loop of information. It requires that we learn to locate and work inside the center of the storm—experiencing each other’s subjective realities—culture. Cultivating personal and professional leadership within living systems, a family, the workplace, and entire communities is both a science and an art and communication is key when combining the knowledge and expertise of diverse individuals collaborating to achieve common vision, values and goals. As we enter the twenty-first century collaborative learning is not only an essential executive skill for the “quantum” organizational leader, but also for business entrepreneurs and community members.

The Growth Model:

The growth model of development simply acknowledges that the normal state of the human organism is to grow as we learn – cells divide and differentiate into whole systems. Whenever growth or learning are inhibited, interfered with, or stopped, people, businesses, or even families show symptoms. Although these symptoms are often met with various change strategies (processes and/or medication), one question remains… Who owns this change? People often resist when the change effort is aimed at them. “You need to change or else.”

In nature, learning is a normal process of growth—a self-organizing system (SOS)—continuously evolving, co-creating and adapting to changes from the inside-out and outside-in. Group work is an integral process enabling participants to learn from a richer and deeper spiritual experience—not locked into a limited set of contemporary humanistic assumptions. At the group level, members begin by spending time understanding themselves in relation to others and God, building a foundation for discovery, grounding oneself in theory, as well as, understanding meaning and purpose through traditional spiritual paths.

Group members learn how to transform the ways we learn, work and live together–leading change in our communities of practice, at home, in the workplace and the broader community.


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