“Innovation is the lifeblood of twenty-first century organization and collaboration is essential for co-creating business intelligence and innovation for competitive advantage.” 

Organizational and Community development by nature is an action-learning processes involving a feedback-loop of knowledge sharing and listening. It requires that we learn to locate and work inside the center of the storm—experiencing each other’s subjective realities—culture. Cultivating personal and professional leadership within living systems, a family, the workplace, and entire communities is both a science and an art and developing a spirit of collaboration is key for shepherding knowledge and expertise of diverse worldviews to achieve common vision, values and goals for the common good. As we enter the twenty-first century, cultivating a spirit of collaboration is not only an essential executive skill for the “quantum” organizational leader, but also for business entrepreneurs and community members.

Group members learn how to transform the ways we learn, work and live together–leading change in our communities of practice, at home, in the workplace and the broader community.

aboutChange offers Solutions that are easy to use, manage and integrate well with existing infrastructures. Our goal is to help individuals and work groups identify “Action Opportunities” that will inspire innovation and create competitive advantage, helping organizational members meet mission critical objectives set out in the strategic plan.


We provide custom analytic solutions and online research tools customized to your needs. Whether you need an internal assessment, an email-based market research, or a custom database solution, aboutChange can provide you with the resources you need to quickly design and build a system that fits your requirements.

For more information, email John at johna@aboutchange.com